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How guaranteeing powder fineness is a sign of the quality of Raymond Mill?

How guaranteeing powder fineness is a sign of the quality of Raymond Mill?

Update Time:2019/11/22
As Raymond mill in grinding equipment, the fineness of performance determines the characteristics of Raymond mill. Therefore, experts believe that the quality of Raymond mill Raymond Mill is to ensure the smoothness of the process equipment equipment for a long time. Customers to purchase Raymond mill equipment, we must pay particular attention to the fineness of processing Raymond mill.

Using the powder fineness of properties determines the Raymond mill. Good Raymond mill is a powerful guarantee for the fine powder. Finesse test is an experimental work to characterize the fine powder by special instruments and methods. In different applications, the requirements of the powder properties are different. In all the powder properties index, fineness distribution is an indicator of greater attention in all areas. Thus, the distribution of the fine powder reflects the objective reality is a very important job.

Many test methods of the fineness of powder. According to statistics, there are hundreds of varieties. The most commonly used methods of the settlement method, laser method, screening method, the method of the image and the resistance method to five. There are also several commonly used in specific industries in the field of test methods. The precision and finer test. He came of Raymond mill equipment manufacturing companies.

Raymond Mill disposable product fineness can reach D975m. Whether you choose this type of series Raymond mill, controlling the fineness of free treatment 300-3000 mesh. The material Tongse rate reached 97%. Raymond mill cavity with innovative design. No, no rolling bearing screws. So there is no rolling mill Raymond and seals bearing problems, there is no loosening of screws and damage to equipment.
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