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What vertical roller mill in the advantages of Asia?

What vertical roller mill in the advantages of Asia?

Update Time:2019/11/25
Electric power conservation is extra critical than any one thing, it's the regular issue in the complete modern society. Now, the Countrywide Advancement and Reform Commission has issued compliance requirements recommended restrict electric power usage and air pollution emissions, as well as operate is becoming comprehensively rolled out.

As a consequence of technical limitations and lack of understanding, only portion on the cement firms test to run from the real production data of those enterprises, we reached the next conclusions:

1, the system of investment, mixed with the real investment price range and companies conclude that despite the fact that the system is place right into a compact roller press, but his later on equipment and more, and thus large spot, substantial construction prices, the basic told, cement vertical roller mill investment and roll combined grinding machine system stress system pretty.

2, energy consumption, the cement vertical roller mill system per ton of cement-saving technological innovation compared to the roller presses 3-5 degrees. It is reported that, Xinxiang City, the Fantastic Wall Machinery Co., Ltd. manufacturing of cement vertical roller mill single electrical energy consumption 25kWh / t, that is to say: a 5000TPD Cement clinker grinding year only saving: 15kWh / tX5000t / dX300d = 2250 íò kWh (ie Cement clinker grinding a yr can save 22.five million degrees), energy-saving effect is very obvious.

three, vertical roller mill for moisture and particle size are superior adaptability joint roller press grinding system.

4, noise pollution, the cement vertical roller mill machine system should be much less compared to the mixed roller press grinding system.
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