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What is Gypsum Powder Production Line

What is Gypsum Powder Production Line

Update Time:2020/1/14
Gypsum is widely used in various industries. At the same time, the environmental protection requirements of gypsum processing have become imperative. The production process of environmentally friendly gypsum powder has also attracted a lot of investors' attention. In the past 20 years, Shanghai Clirik has focused on the development of green grinding powder production lines and the service experience of a large number of gypsum powder users, which makes Clirik miners have accumulated rich professional experience in the environmental protection of gypsum powder.
Work flow: The material is continuously and uniformly fed into the mill by the electromagnetic vibration feeder for grinding. The ground gypsum raw powder is blown to the analyzer by the circulating air of the blower for classification. The fineness of the powder conforms to the specifications and enters the large cyclone collector with the wind. After the collection, the powder is discharged through the powder outlet pipe to become the finished product. The finished product falls into the screw conveyor and enters the next stage. Molecules with unacceptable fineness are returned to the main machine of the mill for secondary grinding until the fineness is acceptable. The entire milling system is closed-loop. Using a bag filter, the dust remaining in the fan airflow is collected again and then discharged to the environment to ensure no dust pollution. The material passing through the milling system is changed from a particle size of 0 to 30 mm to about 200 mesh, which meets the fineness requirements of gypsum powder.
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