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What is the meaning of 4R and 5R in the barite Raymond mill?

What is the meaning of 4R and 5R in the barite Raymond mill?

Update Time:2020/2/18
The barite Raymond mill is often used for the grinding of minerals. I think everyone will think of 4R, 5R and 6R when they think of Raymond mill equipment. So what does this R mean? What do the numbers 4, 5, and 6 mean? Shanghai Clirik Machinery Co.,Ltd will give you a detailed introduction.
4R: There is a grinding roller device in the milling equipment machine. The grinding roller is the most important accessory for grinding in the Raymond mill, then R is the grinding roller.
6R: The common Raymond mill is 4R, 5R. The number represents the number of grinding rolls. The number of grinding rolls is up to the standard output. The more the number of grinding rolls, the higher the processing capacity of the equipment. The size and power of the accompanying device are also greater. 6R Raymond mills are rarely used, and few manufacturers produce them.
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