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What is 5 rollers Raymond mill?

What is 5 rollers Raymond mill?

Update Time:2020/4/26
Raymond mill has three types: 3 rollers Raymond mill, 4 rollers Raymond mill and 5 rollers Raymond mill. So the figure represents the number of grinding rollers. That means 3 roller Raymond mill has 3 grinding rollers, 4 rollers Raymond mill has 4 grinding mills, and 5 rollers Raymond mill has 5 grinding mills.

Beside the number of grinding rollers, the discrepancy between the different types Raymond mill is the detail production specifications, such as output size and capacity. Compared to the other two types, 5 rollers Raymond mill has finer output size and larger capacity. After all, 5 grinding rollers grind with more power. But 5 rollers Raymond mill price is higher than the other two types. 3 rollers Raymond mill is the common raymond mill with small and medium capacity. Its output size can be 0.613 – 0.044 mm, or 30 – 325 meshes, which is enough for ordinary power grinding. 

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