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What is the price of a stone grinding mill?

What is the price of a stone grinding mill?

Update Time:2020/5/18
stone grinding mill price factor

1, the brand

There are many brands of stone grinding mills on the market, and the prices are becoming more and more diversified. The prices of different brands of stone grinding mills vary greatly, even the same type of stone grinding mills produced by the same manufacturer. The price will vary greatly. Because the specifications are different, the price is different. The stone grinding mills of different specifications will have some differences in labor cost and material cost, so the price will be different. Stones of different specifications will be different. The machine has different processing capabilities, power, finished product granularity, external dimensions and other parameters, users must choose to meet their own production requirements.

2, manufacturers

The price of the stone grinding mill produced by each manufacturer is different. Users need to consult a specific manufacturer to know the specific price. Red Star produces a variety of stone grinding mills. The cheaper ones are small ultra-fine mills. Because the company provides customized production, the price per user is different. The specific price information needs online consultation. Our customer service staff, because the company needs to know the user's specific address in order to quote, because the freight of the equipment is also a part of the total price. The "Red Star" stone grinding machine produced by the company is an old brand and more worthy of users' trust.
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