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purchase stone mill grinder attention

purchase stone mill grinder attention

Oct 22,2019
Nowadays, the rapid development of the powder industry has promoted the development of stone mill grinder and has a very important strategic position in the entire economy. A large number of mill manufacturers have emerged in the market. China's powder technology has been greatly improved from the R&D, manufacturing, production and application of equipment, and has attracted the attention of a large number of investors. So what should be paid attention to in the procurement of stone mill grinder?

First, the price

The price of stone mill grinder is the focus of many users when buying. The price of stone mill grinder directly affects the initial investment at the time of purchase. The price is also the information that users can intuitively feel. Several points that need attention are to obtain the specific price of stone mill grinder. You can choose to consult the factory customer service, or you can visit the factory to get detailed quotation information.

Second, the material

The stone mill has a relatively large consumption during operation. If the stone mill is made of a more wear-resistant material, the life will be greatly increased. The stone mill grinder is mainly composed of a main machine, a V-belt, a blade, an oil pool, a spring device, and a grinding machine. Ring, grinding roller, blade system, etc., in which the grinding roller, grinding ring and blade are important wear parts of the stone grinding machine. Therefore, when selecting the stone grinding machine, pay special attention to the materials of these parts.

Third, word of mouth

Buying a stone mill grinder, many users will pay more attention to the reputation of the manufacturer. Understand the reputation of a stone mill manufacturer. You can choose to browse the manufacturer's related information through various channels. You can also consult the industry, no matter which one you choose. Stone mill manufacturers, it is recommended that you collect information from various sources, understand the user's evaluation of the manufacturer, the user's site of the manufacturer, and also check the factory before buying. Compare the reputation and reputation of the manufacturer to see if the manufacturer is rich enough. Production experience, strong technical strength, comprehensive information, choose more appropriate.

Fourth, after sales

The stone mill grinder has a long service life. When purchasing a stone mill, whether the after-sales is perfect is a concern of many users. The manufacturer will provide free installation and regular return visit service. The stone mill grinder needs regular maintenance during the follow-up operation. Overhaul, replacement of parts, etc.
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