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Introduce hammer crusher design

Introduce hammer crusher design

Oct 31,2019

The design concept and operation method of the hammer crusher. When the hammer crusher is operated, the hammer drives the hammer head to rotate at a high speed, impacting the material, and the material is broken along the fragile parts such as the natural crack, the bedding plane and the joint surface. Due to the harsh working environment of the equipment, if the structural design of the equipment is reasonable, it will affect the efficiency of the operation. Therefore, the rational design of the main components of the hammer crusher is very important. So, what are the design requirements for the hammer crusher?

1. Correct choice of hammer weight

The heavier the hammer crusher, the greater the kinetic energy and the higher the crushing efficiency. If the hammer is overweight, the greater the moment of inertia of the rotation, the greater the load on the transmission and the coupling, resulting in a cumbersome device. Therefore, the weight of the hammer should be moderate, the ideal weight of the hammer should meet the hammer once, the material will be crushed, the useless work will drop to a small value, and the hammer should not be tilted backwards, even if the hammer is tilted backwards, it should not affect the lower A hammering effect.

2. Reasonable design of the rotor

The rotor part directly affects the working efficiency and reliability of the hammer crusher, and the rotor part should first be mechanically designed. After the mechanical design is completed, the structural design of the rotor portion can be performed.

hammer crusher

3. The transmission system adopts the mode of "winding motor, one pulley and one rotor shaft"

The transmission system function is to drive a rotor body with a small static torque and a large acceleration torque. Winding motor, a pulley and a rotor shaft, this transmission can change the transmission ratio by changing the pulley to achieve the need to crush different materials. The belt drive can absorb vibration and have a certain degree of overload capability, while the large pulley also acts as a flywheel. Therefore, this device is an economical and reasonable transmission method for the hammer crusher.

4. The rack is designed to facilitate the installation of other components

From the crushing mechanism, the strength, rigidity and fasteners of the counterattack on the frame should be carefully calculated. Moreover, the lower casing should be easy to process, transport, replace the raft, the lining and observe the wear of the hammer. The upper casing structure must also be easy to install, overhaul and replace the hammerhead, and the joint faces of the various parts are sealed with rubber.

5. The seesaw of the closed structure with the transverse purlin

At present, most of the discharge jaws of the hammer crusher adopt a closed structure of horizontal purlins. Due to the large particle size of the hammer crusher, the working conditions are harsh and the bearing capacity is large. Therefore, the use of the unequal trapezoidal purlins, which meets the mining surface, can appropriately improve the discharge conditions.

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