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Vertical Roller Mill use in cement industrial

Vertical Roller Mill use in cement industrial

Nov 7,2019
As we all know there are mainly two grinding mills were usually be used in cement industry, ball mill and vertical roller. Cement vertical roller mill is mainly used in cement clinker grinding; and in recent years, with the development of economy and new technology, cement vertical roller mill had get used into more widely industry areas. For example, mining, chemical, stone powder paper making and so on.

vertical roller mill

However, when we use cement vertical roller mill in daily processing, we usually will meet some problems, how to solve these problems? Clirik will share some tips with you.

Once the above problems occur om your vertical roller mill, it is generally difficult to repair and solve them by the repair welding process. The weld ability of cast iron is not good and it is easy to cause more serious secondary damage to the parts during welding, and the replacement cost is high and the time is long. At present, polymer composites are mostly used in western countries to solve these problems. By using materials with compressive strength, good plastic deformation and super machine ability, this kind of problems can be repaired quickly, conveniently and durably, which saves a lot of valuable shutdown time for enterprises, and enables enterprises to learn a new set of maintenance technology. When they encounter similar problems again, enterprises should pay attention to the following aspects: Industry can be solved independently at the first time.
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