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What are the requirements for high-pressure Raymond mills for processing materials?

What are the requirements for high-pressure Raymond mills for processing materials?

Nov 22,2019
The high-pressure Raymond mill is widely used in the mining industry and is highly praised by the business owners. However, the high-pressure Raymond mill is not a panacea. In the course of work, there is a certain requirement for the moisture and hardness of the material, only in its suitability. Grinding within the scope of the machine to ensure the efficiency of the high-pressure lightning machine.

The high-pressure Raymond mill needs to limit the material humidity to 6%. If the humidity is too large, it is not easy to process. It is necessary to dry the material and then use a high-pressure Raymond mill for grinding. The hardness requirement is that the material of 9.3 Mohs hardness can be processed.

The general model of high-pressure Raymond mill requires materials not exceeding 30mm, and large equipment generally does not exceed 35mm. If the processed material has a fineness higher than this size, it will not only affect the processing effect, but also bring great equipment. Wear and tear. The feed size of the high-pressure Raymond mill is controlled at 30 mm, and it is not that the smaller the particles entering the equipment, the better. Because the high-pressure Raymond mill is in the process of grinding and milling, the granular material is easily lifted by the blade and crushed into powder by the grinding roller. Therefore, if the particle size is too small, it will not be easily shoveled by the blade and will affect the grinding efficiency of the equipment.

Under normal circumstances, the production efficiency of the high-pressure Raymond mill is considerable, but the production efficiency of the high-pressure Raymond mill is not constant. In the actual work, in the normal operation process, the correct method is mastered. Maintenance, mastering certain operating skills and precautions will definitely increase the production efficiency of Raymond Mill. Raymond mill is a relatively mature high-end grinding machine, and its milled finished product size can be adjusted in the range of 80-325 mesh, even for some materials can reach 600 mesh, so whether it is from Milling efficiency, or from the aspect of fineness of grinding, Raymond grinding opportunity is ideal for 400 mesh calcium carbonate grinding.

There are many types of mill equipment, but the advantages of high-pressure Raymond mills, such as high efficiency, energy saving, environmental protection, and easy to meet customer requirements, are therefore favored by customers. Every customer must definitely want a high-efficiency, energy-saving, environmentally-friendly, high-efficiency mill equipment when purchasing. When purchasing a high-pressure mill, in addition to the excellent quality of the equipment itself, it is reasonable during the operation of the equipment. The speed in the range is important.

It should also be noted that the requirements of the ore high-pressure Raymond mill under different model specifications (such as: inlet, discharge size, crushing capacity, etc.) are different, so it is recommended that users purchase the mill when it is certain. It is necessary to know in advance the basic requirements of the ore high-pressure mill under the selected model.

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