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What is Gypsum Powder Grinding mill?

What is Gypsum Powder Grinding mill?

Update Time:2019/12/11

Gypsum Powder Grinding Mill, in essence, it is grinding mill. Gypsum is just one kind material it can grind. Grinding Mill is a kind of mining equipment,which is used to grinding stone lump(pls note:not large stone! Generally we need stone crusher to crush large stone to small pieces at first) to stone powder.

The main types of gypsum grinding machines:

1. Hammer Mill:we usually called it coarse grinding mill. In fact it can also be classified as a crusher,named hammer crusher. The finished size less than 3–8 mm

2. Raymond Mill: finished size:50-400 mesh

3. Ultrafine Powder Grinding Mill:finished size:300-2500 mesh

4. Vertical Roller Mill: finished size:1250-3000 mesh

5. Other Mills like Ball Mill, Jet Mill and so on.

In addition to the finished size, you can also choose the machine based on the output capacity.

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