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What is raymond mill for sale?

What is raymond mill for sale?

Update Time:2019/12/2
The Raymond mill is a new type of stone crusher which is produced on the basis of the domestic and foreign Raymond Mill combined with the advanced milling technology. The Raymond mill has the advantages of impact breaking and hammer breaking. The Raymond mill is mainly used for small and medium sized mill cement clinker for building sand, iron ore, sandstone, gypsum, coal and other minerals in hard milling. The utility model has the advantages of large milling ratio, low energy consumption, stable operation, simple structure, convenient operation and maintenance, etc.. The Raymond Mill truly implements a multi-purpose, high efficiency, low cost features.

The Raymond mill structure characteristics

1. the Raymond mill can effectively deal with a large amount of moisture content of the material to prevent the blockage of Raymond mill.

When the water content of the material is too large, the feed chute and the counter plate of the Raymond mill can be equipped with a heating device to prevent the material from sticking. Raymond Mill does not have to be equipped with the bottom sieve plate can effectively prevent clogging. The hammer can not be used to prevent the heating of the material to be bonded, and must be equipped with the bottom of the sieve plate, increasing the possibility of blockage.

2. Raymond mill is not only suitable for soft materials but also for materials with very high hardness.

The plate hammer of the Raymond mill is firmly fixed on the rotor by a mechanical clamping structure. Compared with the superfine Raymond mill, the rotor of the Raymond mill has a greater momentum, which is suitable for the material with more hard milling.

3. the Raymond mill can be conveniently and flexibly adjust the material size, wide range of adjustment.

The Raymond mill can be adjusted in several ways to deal with the particle size, flexible method to adjust the gap between the hammer and the grinding chamber. Also is to adjust the rotor speed.

4. because of the unique structure design of the Raymond mill, the wear parts of the Raymond mill are smaller than that of the superfine Raymond mill and the material utilization ratio is high.
The abrasion of the plate hammer of the Raymond mill is only on the side of the facing material. When the Raymond mill is in normal operation, the material is crushed by the hammer plate, and the back and side surfaces of the plate hammer are not worn. The utility model has the advantages of high metal utilization ratio of 45% to 48%, which can not be compared with General Raymond mill.

5. the Raymond Mill spare parts replacement is simple, maintenance costs are reduced accordingly.
The Raymond mill is provided with six plate hammers which are convenient to replace, save the maintenance time and improve the production efficiency.
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