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Which grinding mill manufacturer is good?

Which grinding mill manufacturer is good?

Update Time:2019/12/16
Clirik is a manufacturer of professional mill equipment. Raymond mill, vertical mill, superfine mill and other equipment are professional equipment to meet the needs of different mineral powder fields. Among them, the Raymond mill can adjust the fineness of the powder between 80-600 mesh, so it is a professional manufacturer of 400 mesh powder.

Raymond mill equipment is a ore powder processing equipment provided by Clirik. In order to meet the growing demand for grinding processing, Clirik has innovatively manufactured professional milling equipment to meet the needs of ore powder processing, such as Raymond mill, vertical Mills, ultra-fine mills and other equipment are all milling equipment that Clirik focuses on the supply of powder projects.

Raymond Mill has a number of patented technologies, and the powder that can be ground is between 80-600 mesh. Therefore, customers can adjust the fineness according to their needs, and the equipment uses a forced turbine classification system, so the classification fineness of the whole machine is uniform and fine. With high production capacity, low energy consumption and high milling efficiency, it is an ideal mineral powder equipment.

Compared with ordinary mills, the mill's production capacity can be increased by more than 40%, the unit power consumption cost can be saved by more than 30%, and the fineness of the milled powder is even and fine. It is also equipped at the air outlet of the mill. With the pulse dust collector, the dust emission is small, and the operation workshop is very clean. It is an ideal ore powder processing equipment.
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