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What grinding mill is commonly used for gypsum powder?

What grinding mill is commonly used for gypsum powder?

Update Time:2019/12/23
Gypsum powder is an environmentally friendly mineral powder obtained by grinding the gypsum with a mill. Nowadays, gypsum has attracted more and more attention. At present, a huge emerging industry has been formed. People mainly use Raymond mill, high pressure mill, micro powder grinding mill,European version mill to process and produce gypsum powder.

Production process of gypsum powder:

First: the crusher crushes the large-scale gypsum ore into small particles smaller than 30mm and sends it to the mill for grinding;

Second: The classifier sends the gypsum raw powder that has been ground to the required fineness of the product into the boiling furnace for calcination, and the rest is returned to the mill for grinding again until it is qualified. The boiling furnace is widely used in building gypsum calcining equipment in China. The equipment has a simple structure and is easy to operate.

Third: The calcined qualified gypsum powder is sent to the clinker silo for storage or used in the product workshop.

The equipment required for the gypsum powder production line mainly includes: vibrating feeder, jaw crusher, gypsum grinding mill, vibrating screen, belt conveyor, etc.

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