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Ball mill features and prices

Ball mill features and prices

Nov 4,2019

The ball mill can grind the ore to a finer particle size, usually around 0.074-0.89 mm, which can be used in industrial production to turn the ore into a waste and reduce its environmental pollution. So what are the characteristics of the ball mill? What is its price?

Ball mill features

1. The rotation speed of the cylinder in the operation is uniform, and the internal materials can be uniformly ground to improve the output and power.

2. The diameter of the cylinder is optimized, and the useful volume of the cylinder is added without affecting the operation, and the amount of material processed per unit time is higher.

3, strong continuity, ball mill can carry out continuous operation for 24 hours, can meet the production needs of large, medium and small enterprises.

4. Improvement and optimization on the sealing technology of the traditional ball mill, so that the sealing system is more perfect, the function is better, the components will not form air pollution, and the damage to the human body is reduced.

5. The matching between the various components of the equipment is high, the operation is stable, and the energy consumption in the operation is reduced.

6. The useless power of the motor during operation is small, and the power consumption is small.

7. Less investment, strong wear resistance of equipment wearing parts, long life of the whole machine, reasonable price of equipment in the market, and low total investment by users.

8, maintenance of the convenience, with the meeting control panel, can adjust the equipment, not only save time, but also save the operator.

9. Low energy consumption, no matter the power consumption of the equipment, the energy consumption of the equipment is still significantly reduced, and the power conversion is high.

Ball mill price

The price of the ball mill is affected by many factors. Clirik is a professional ball mill manufacturer located in Pudong New Area, Shanghai. The convenient transportation and relatively low production cost determine the price advantage of our equipment. The price of ball mills produced by Clirik is lower than the market price. The exact amount depends on the model you need. So if you want to know the specific price of the equipment, please contact us!

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