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Industrial grinding machine price in sri lanka

Industrial grinding machine price in sri lanka

Dec 30,2019
Today, the use of ore powder in the industrial field is becoming more and more extensive, and the role of industrial grinding machine is also increasing, and the types are increasing. With the development of the industry, the performance of the industrial grinding machine has also been greatly improved, the applicable raw materials are wider, the powders that can be processed are finer, the output is higher, and the environmental protection requirements are more met. industrial grinding machines have low investment, fast return on capital, and are suitable for small and medium-sized mills. This article introduces the types and prices of industrial grinding machine. I hope it will be helpful to you.

What are the types of industrial grinding machines?

Raymond Mill

The output particle size of Raymond mill is 80-325 mesh, and the output is 8-176t / shift. It is also called R-type mill. It is a kind of universally-used milling equipment. It is suitable for Mohs hardness less than 9.3. Grade, processing of materials with humidity below 6%. Compact structure, reliable operation, high sieving rate and long service life of wearing parts.

HGM Micro Powder Grinding Mill

HGM micro powder grinding mill has a feed particle size of 20-40mm and a production capacity of 1.3-40t / h. It is a high-performance powder mill developed by combining advanced technology at home and abroad. Under the same fineness of materials and finished products It has a longer service life than the wear parts of other milling equipment. At the same time, the material, power, and finished product have the same fineness, and the output is much higher than the jet mill and the agitator mill. The crushing pressure is strong and the sealing performance is good.

Hammer mill

The hammer mill has a vertical structure, a small footprint, a strong set, and a high-pressure spring. Its pressure energy can reach about 1500kg. The production capacity is between 0.6-52t according to different fineness shifts. The electrical system uses Centralized control, unmanned operation can be realized in production, saving labor costs for users, and very convenient maintenance.

High pressure grinding mill

The high-pressure grinding mill has a wide range of applications, low investment costs, and high returns. The feed granularity is ≤25mm, the shift output is 0.2-12t, the finished product fineness is 200-500 mesh, and the feed granularity is large and the discharge granularity is fine.

How much is an industrial grinding machine?

Different industrial grinding machine manufacturers have different equipment quality and different price positioning. For the Clirik machine, the price of the Clirik industrial grinding machine is between 20,000 and 300,000. Because different types of mills have different models, different advanced levels, and different output, the prices will vary, but it is certain The quality of Clirik mills is reliable, the price is also at the middle level of the industry, fair and transparent, and Clirik machines are trusted by many users. If you have industrial grinding machine needs, you can contact the online customer service and let professionals recommend the appropriate model for you, and make accurate quotes.
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