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400 mesh ore mill with high vertical mill output

400 mesh ore mill with high vertical mill output

Apr 1,2020
Clirik's CLUM ultrafine vertical mill for 400 mesh ore mills has a production capacity of 3 to 80 tons per hour. Why the output range is so large, because the 400-mesh ore mill CLUM vertical mill has a variety of small, medium and large models, and the processed materials also have different grindability. The easier the mill, the higher the yield. If the CLUM vertical mill is used to grind raw materials, it can reach 600-730 tons per hour. This 400-mesh ore mill is CLUM1425 with a median diameter of 5600mm.

Clirik 400 mesh ore mill CLUM vertical mill

{Vertical Mill Model}: CLUM1425

{Middle disc diameter}: 800mm ~ 5600mm

{Raw material moisture}: <3%

{Hematite powder fineness}: 100 mesh to 400 mesh

{Product moisture}: ≤1%

{Output}: 3-730t / h

The following are some cases of Clirik 400 mesh ore mill CLUM vertical mill

Limestone desulfurization vertical mill Pakistan desulfurization limestone manufacturer purchased a mill production line of Clirik400 for official production on December 10, 2019. The main machine of the Clirik400 vertical mill production line is a CLUM limestone desulfurization vertical mill, which produces 100 to 325 meshes of powder and an output of 1 to 45 tons per hour. To produce ultra-fine calcite fine powder of about 325 mesh to about 3000 mesh, a CLUM ultrafine vertical mill is required as the main machine with an output of 4-40t / h.

Clirik400's 400 mesh ore mill CLUM vertical mill production line has high output, and the product fineness meets the requirements of most industrial powders. If you want to know the complete offer of this equipment, please call 008618001642498
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