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What kind of grinding mill can I use to grind rector to 600 mesh?

What kind of grinding mill can I use to grind rector to 600 mesh?

Mar 31,2020
What is rector stone? What kind of mill can I use? Today, let's learn more about rector stones. Rectorite is one of the non-metallic ores. Mill 600 mesh rector stone powder, what kind of mill is more ideal? Among many powder equipment manufacturers, Clirik is an experienced manufacturer. According to the production requirements of fine powder projects, it provides customers with ultra-fine powder grinding mill equipment to assist in grinding.

Superfine grinding mill for grinding 600 mesh rector stone powder

As a fine powder equipment, the superfine grinding mill is a fine powder mill equipment that has successfully assisted non-metallic ore projects to create greater value. It has been successfully used to grind 600 mesh rector stones, and it is also the mainstream equipment of Clirik to assist rector stones. The mill has comprehensive mechanical crushing performance such as rolling, milling, and impacting. The whole machine has a large crushing ratio and high energy utilization rate. The forced turbine classification system is used to make the granularity more uniform and fine. The finished products have different fineness. Able to adapt to market needs. In order to improve the service life of the equipment, Clirik strives for excellence in the materials used, and uses special wear-resistant steel to manufacture grinding wheels and rings. The service life of the equipment is further improved, and the base is manufactured using an integral casting structure, which can ensure the stability and shock absorption performance of the equipment. better.

ultra-fine ring roller mill

Clirik new environmental protection mill-HGM ultra-fine ring roller mill

{Mill weight}: 17.5-70t

{Finished product output}: 1-22t / h

{Product fineness}: 5-45μm

Grinding stone powder, what kind of grinding mill can be used to grind 600 mesh powder? 

Clirik recommends an ultra-fine powder mill for customers to help with grinding and processing. If you want to know more about the case of the fine powder processing project, please call the milling machine consultation hotline at any time to contact us: 008618001642498.
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