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How about the equipment of calcite superfine vertical mill

How about the equipment of calcite superfine vertical mill

Apr 10,2020
Calcite ultra fine vertical mill is currently the most concerned ore powder production line equipment. The equipment has strong performance and can be reclassified to promote the rapid and stable development of the calcite industry.

The ultra-fine vertical mill mechanism powder production line equipment has attracted the attention of mining enterprises as soon as it is launched. It has the characteristics of high output, high efficiency, energy saving and environmental protection, and is the best choice for current environmental protection development. Clirik is a manufacturer of ultra-fine vertical mills. The CLUM series of ultra-fine vertical mills produced by the system are integrally sealed, run at full negative pressure, and have no dust spillover, which can basically achieve a dust-free workshop. The equipment is improved and upgraded, and the secondary classification is adopted, which can produce 325 mesh -2500 mesh powder, realize multi-use of one machine, strong practicality of equipment, and save investment cost.

Clirik CLUM series ultra-fine vertical mill-calcite ultra-fine vertical mill

{Diameter of grinding disc}: 1000-2400mm

{Raw material moisture}: ≤5%

{Finished product output}: 3-40t / h

{Product fineness}: 0-45μm with secondary classification can reach 5μm

Clirik is a high-quality pulverizer manufacturer with many types of equipment and rich models. It brings considerable benefits to the production enterprise and becomes the first choice for ultra-fine calcite powder production enterprises. If you are interested in our products, please call 008618001642498 for more details.
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