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The value of rock wool waste milling equipment in recycling

The value of rock wool waste milling equipment in recycling

Apr 16,2020
At present, there are many customers consulting the rock wool waste grinding equipment, and many people do not know much about rock wool waste. To help customers further understand rock wool waste and grinding equipment, ultra-fine grinding mill manufacturer Clirik analyzes the application value of rock wool waste from a professional perspective, as well as special grinding equipment.

Introduction of Clirik Rock wool Waste Milling Equipment

As a professional manufacturer of environmental protection mill equipment, Clirik continues to meet the production needs of different customers with high quality and perfect after-sales service. The environmentally friendly Raymond mill, vertical mill, ultra-fine mill and other equipment are all excellent mills and are professional equipment that helps create value in the industrial solid waste field.

The choice of grinding 80-400 mesh powder: If you need to grind 80-400 mesh powder, then the environmentally friendly Raymond mill equipment is a more ideal choice.

The choice of grinding 325-2500 purpose: If the grinding is fine powder, then the ultra-fine grinding mill equipment is a professional mill.

Clirik ore deep processing and grinding equipment-HGM series rock wool waste ultra-fine grinding mill

[Production capacity]: 1-22t / h

[Fineness of finished product]: 5-45μm

Vertical mill equipment to increase production demand

Vertical mill equipment is a production-increasing and efficiency-increasing mill developed by Clirik. It integrates crushing, milling, grading and powder collection into one, with high processing efficiency, large production capacity, low energy consumption, and excellent equipment for environmental protection and noise reduction. As for what kind of mill equipment to choose, it also needs to be purchased scientifically according to the production needs of rock wool waste customers. Clirik provides equipment such as Raymond mill, ultra-fine mill, vertical mill, etc. to meet the production needs of different projects in the field of industrial solid waste. Please call to learn more about the professional rock wool waste milling equipment selection plan and product quotation details, Contact information: 008618001642498.
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