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Is the roller and ring of Raymond Mill related to the fineness

Is the roller and ring of Raymond Mill related to the fineness

Jan 21,2021

Raymond mill is a kind of roller mill for crushing materials. Many users will think that the roller and ring determine the fineness, so they will choose the roller and ring with good material. In fact, this is not the case. The working principle of Raymond mill is roller rolling and air separation crushing. The fineness of Raymond mill is not determined by roller and ring. The fineness of Raymond mill is controlled by the air volume of analyzer and fan. The roller and ring of Raymond mill are comminuted materials, which are vulnerable parts. The quality of the material can only determine its service life, and the fineness has nothing to do with the fineness. According to the different processing materials, the grinding ring and roller of Raymond mill can be made of high brand alloy, 65 manganese and 13 manganese. The processing materials are different, and the use time is also different. In actual use, the grinding roller and roller made of 13 manganese are more durable and the price is more expensive. Raymond mill also has a relatively easy to wear parts is the blade, blade many manufacturers use ordinary steel plate, so the wear will be very fast, I work the most professional Raymond mill manufacturers in the blade material is also very affordable, using alloy steel, several times more durable than ordinary steel.

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